By Adi Sussman (Author)

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I had Crohn's. E said and looked me in the eyes with a smile. "As of today, I'm more worried about training for half an Iron Man." This encounter turned my life into a witness. And to thousands more patients who discovered that it is possible to live in long-term health, and not define themselves as chronically ill! The book before you is the fruit of 30 years of professional experience (and 40 years of personal dealings), which created the new and revolutionary approach based on the therapeutic model that combines science and ancient traditions. This unique combination creates the path to recovery from intestinal and digestive tract diseases, which until recently was Based on the medical and surgical treatments only. Or as the father of a girl with Crohn's disease said: "Adi, you waved the flag of self-healing with intestinal diseases. Until you came, there was a clinical wasteland here!" The book was written for people with inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn's and colitis) ulcers), sensitive bowel syndrome, inflammation of the stomach (gastritis), diverticulitis (inflammation of the sections in the large intestine) and other digestive system dysfunctions, who want to achieve a healthy and happy life with and despite their illness. The reader will discover the secrets from the center's clinic and school for therapists "Through the Stomach" , founded by a "slightly different" clinical nutritionist based on the therapeutic model she developed, which consists of a unique nutritional method, traditional Chinese medicine, mind-body medicine and other methods, such as yoga. , nutritional tips and recommendations, inspirational stories from the clinic, sample menus and recipes, e Adapted to the different stages of digestion. In addition, Adi in her innovative approach brings along the whole way the reflection of the soul - in the body, a connection to motivation and opening horizons regarding health.

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