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Dr. B.G. Fogg, a habit expert from Stanford University, presents a breakthrough and life-changing method for building habits quickly and easily. The "Tiny Habits" method will allow you, and those close to you, to improve efficiency with the help of positive emotions that will bringwith you to a happier and healthier life.
The "tiny habits" method will change your life and revolutionize your understanding of human behavior. It is based on twenty years of research and Fogg's experience in training more than 40 thousand people. Each chapter of the book contains breakthrough discoveries that will teach you the proven and simplest ways to gradually change your life, shape habits and establish them through positive emotions and enthusiasm for small successes. Do you want to lose weight? reduce stress? sleep better? Be more productive throughout the day? Fogg's method will teach you to take the tiny steps that will bring about far-reaching changes in your life.
Dr. B.G. Fogg founded the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University. In addition to his research, Fogg teaches entrepreneurs how human behavior really works. He founded the "Academy of Tiny Habits" to help people all over the world.

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