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Who do you become when you step into someone else's shoes?
Nisha Kantor and Sam Kemp are completely different women.
Nisha belongs to the jet circle of the truly rich, until her husband informs her that he wants a divorce and disconnects her from the shared bank account . Nisha is determined to hold on to the glamorous life to which she was accustomed, but in the meantime she must find a way to exist somehow - even the shoes she was wearing until a moment ago are no longer in her possession.
And it happened because Sam - in the most difficult period of her life - accidentally took Nisha's sports bag. But Sam now has no time to worry about something as trivial as a lost gym bag – she's struggling to support herself, her unemployed husband and her sarcastic teenage daughter. And maybe it's not actually such a minor thing? When she puts on Christian Louboutin's red crocodile skin shoes, with fifteen-inch heels, Sam receives a shot of self-confidence that makes it clear to her that something has to change - and that something is herself.
When the two women finally meet, they discover that each of them needs the other to right the wrongs they have done to themselves and the women around them.
By stepping into the shoes of the beloved writer Jojo, she tries to weave the funniest, most exciting and surprising stories into the lives of the wonderful characters she knows, and with her wonderful and unique writing, she conveys a strong and clear message that no woman is an island and that sometimes even a seemingly trivial event can change an entire life .

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