By Harari Yehiel (Author)

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From the moment Baal Neeya formulated his method, it spread like wildfire. Within a few years, thousands knocked on his door in order to win "treatment", with the advice that suits them. Tensions, sadness, inner noises, emotional blockages, agony and skepticism - each person and their plight. For twenty years he compiled the advice he gave and put it in writing as part of a comprehensive seminar. The goal was that the book he published, Sefer HaTanya, would serve as a substitute for a face-to-face meeting and would remain for generations.

What is the secret of Sefer HaTanya? How did it become an essential book in the Jewish bookshelf?

In summary it can be said that according to his method man is condemned to a constant internal struggle. His mission, his life's mission, is to win the fight in the present moment. It seems that this optimistic attitude towards the human soul and the claim that at any moment man can win in his mental struggles, are the ones that captured the hearts of many.

Forever Every Moment anew weaves together the principles of Jewish psychology of Rabbi Shneor Zalman Maliadi, the founder of Chabad Chasidism, together with his biography, thus allowing us to develop a soulful conversation with him. A conversation with a giant of spirit is a fascinating experience. But beyond To get to know his method and advice for dealing with various emotional difficulties, the purpose of the soul conversation is for the reader to get to know himself and his inner powers through it. After all, who doesn't want to win every moment anew?
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