By Chloe Walsh (Author)

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His first, last and only love has always been rugby. Until the moment when sky blue eyes stared into his eyes, and from that point everything changed. He wanted to save her. She wanted to hide. She was damaged. He was determined. Fate brought them together. Reality and love connected them. *** Johnny Kavanagh was a determined type who succeeded in everything in his life. On the rugby field, he is considered a natural phenomenon and destined for greatness. Everyone expected him to have a bright career. Johnny didn't let anything or anyone stand in his way. Unintentionally, he hit Shannon Lynch. An introverted and fragile girl, with sad eyes and dark bruises hidden under her shirt sleeves. As never before, Johnny strayed from his life's purpose and his mind wandered only in its direction. Shannon's life has never been easy. She came to Toman after suffering bullying and torture, and prayed for a new beginning. The thing she wanted more than anything was to shake off the demons that haunted her soul, and already on the first day of her studies at the prestigious private high school, she encountered - and not under exciting circumstances - Johnny Kavanagh, who was considered a legend in everyone's eyes. She hid a shocking life reality. He was hiding a secret that could have destroyed his future career. Hearts connected, lives intertwined and two lost young people from two different worlds collided. What will happen when the mysterious girl named after a famous river, becomes the only thing he sees before his eyes? *** Conquer 13 is the first part of the Tommen Boys series by author Chloe Walsh. The series qualified for the top bestseller lists, crossed continents and captured thousands of excited hearts around the world. This is an exciting story about first love, about fame, about gruesome secrets and pain that merge together into a mesmerizing, engrossing and breathtaking story.

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