By Chloe Walsh (Author)

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No rugby for at least six weeks. Shannon like the river... complete rest for seven to ten days. Shannon is like the river...those feet won't see grass until May. Shannon is like the river... torn medial muscle, abnormal tissue growth, athletes hernia. Shannon is like the river... restoration. The anger burned inside me again and joined the depression and frustration that appeared every time I thought about the future ahead of me - which happened about every minute during the day. Pain? I have been in terrible pain, but my body is now at the lowest point of all my worries, because I have lost control of my senses. My head was lost and stuck in Cork with a girl. Shannon is like the river... After a serious injury that sidelined him and deprived him of his favorite rugby shirt with the number 13, Johnny struggles to hold on to his dreams. He is lost, insecure and looking for comfort at any cost. Therefore he decides to reveal the mystery of the blue-eyed girl. With his best friend Gibsey, Johnny sets out to find out the secrets surrounding the girl who never leaves his thoughts. It's easy to fall in love, but the real test begins only afterwards... Secrets are revealed and lives are changed forever in Keeping 13, the fascinating sequel to the bestseller Conquer 13 and Surrender to 13. Come and get carried away in the journey of Johnny and Shannon trying to navigate their way through the upheavals of their lives.

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KEEP ON 13| Hebrew

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