By Magen Mira (Author)

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Eyes too blue / Magen Mira A young man pretends to be a poet and breaks into the home of an eccentric elderly woman and her three daughters, with the aim of convincing them to sell the house to a real estate shark. His mission introduces the reader to the unusual world of an elderly woman who piles on her surroundings and tries to fool God and time, with her Romanian nanny and with The stormy characters of her daughters about all the dramas and upheavals in their lives. The characters in this novel are all driven by an acute awareness of the tyranny of time; each one, in their own straight or winding way, deals with the desire to have time to love and live before its foreknown victory. The characters with blue eyes are too bright, like in her books Mira's predecessors protect, with the light of kindness, but here, for the first time in a deliberate and noticeable way, this light does not obscure the cracks and weaknesses that pierce their lives. On the contrary, it highlights and deepens them, thus giving this mature and intelligent novel a dimension of dignity and greatness.

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