By Susan Forward Dr (Author)

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Do you have poisonous parents? When you were a kid ... Did your parents tell you that you are bad and 'not worth'? Have you been called derogatory names? Rain your parents to punish and educate you for discipline through physical pain? Is you have to deal with your parents because of their problems? Did you be afraid of your parents? Have you made a thing that you had to keep it secret? Did you be afraid to get angry with your parents now - when you are an older person ... Do your parents still treat you as a child who is missing? Do you feel a mental or physical storm when you stay with your parents or before they visit? Do your parents control you through threats or guilt? Do they affect you by financial means? Do you still believe that everything you do is not good enough in your parents? Do you still believe that in a day you will change your parents for the better? If you answered yes to a third of the ten questions, you are probably the child of 'poisonous parents'. You do not have to forgive Dr. Suzanne Foredard claims that the usual approach of 'forget and forgive' can worse and not benefit the casualties. It offers you an alternative, more effective method, to break free from the frustrating results of your relationship with your parents. Liberate and continue in life will be the charger you will carry - Dr. Forvard can help you get rid of the cast of guilty feelings. Its message is clear: You are not guilty of what you have in your childhood and you have to fix the distortions. In a continuous book descriptions and cases, it offers methods of self-help, developing faith and internal power and formulating emotional independence.

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