By Rabbi Nachman of Breslav (Author)

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How good is it to get good advice? How happy is it to complete a missing part of the picture? How relaxing is it to lean back and discover that the good we are looking for is already with us? How pleasant is it to hear a targeted sound? In this book, dozens of the profound and simple advice of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav and his students are presented, combined with a selection of their stories. The advice and stories touch the daily routine of a person and illuminate them with a special light, which provokes observation and thought, reveal the joy, hope and renewal hidden in the grayness of reality, reveal the invisible openings that are in the dark hallways of life, remind us that you don't always have to change big things to feel big change The advice and stories were written in a contemporary language that is equal to every soul, and are suitable for people of all ages and those with all views, who wish to refresh their life experience and come back and hear a purposeful sound from them.

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