By Peterson Jordan (Author)

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You want to live a good life, right? First of all, stop complaining. Everyone is hard. The world is a place full of suffering, and no one but you can give your life meaning. Arrange the table, stand upright, tell yourself and others, and start acting and living as heroes you were born to be. It's only in your hands. Jordan Peterson is a cultural critic and professor of psychology from the University of Toronto. In September 2016, Peterson posted a video that includes fluent and reasoned criticism of a law that subordinates freedom of speech to progressive gender theories. The interest that aroused it has made it a sharp and eloquent critic of postmodernism, and one of the most well-known and talked-about opinion in the world. In 12 rules for life, which has so far been translated into more than 30 languages, Peterson builds bridges between philosophical theories, biological facts, religious myths, psychological insights and black humor, to persuade you to abandon cynicism and postmodern despair, gain responsibility for your life, And adopt practical tips that will allow you to live a meaningful life. Read and discover: - What can lobster teach us about gender? - How does the brain respond to an unexpected disaster? - Why is listening one of the most difficult challenges to a person? - Why do we suffer from inferiority? - Why is it important to be nice if you want to succeed in life? 'Peterson is in its own intellectual league' - The Observer isless 'Failure and Passion' - The Guardian 'cannot be overstated by the importance of Pattson's message' - The Times

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