By Dreznik Yael (Author)

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The road to the shock room is always terribly long. At first we go down the stairs, then there is a long corridor and at the end the emergency room, and sometimes I get there without air... and so we run... until we are finally there... on the bed lay a young girl, unconscious and breathing, and what catches the My eyes immediately is a huge hemorrhage in the left abdomen with trampling marks on the legs. In TV series everything looks sweet and everyone is always ready with the syringe and electric spoons in hand, but in reality there is terrible chaos. In the first person and without gloves, Dr. Yael Draznik recounts a day that begins at 05:00 in the morning with the ringing of the alarm clock and leaving the house when it is still dark and foggy outside, and ends the following morning, after twenty-six hours of duty, when she leaves the hospital gate with no energy. Twenty And six opens a window into what happens in the most turbulent place there is - a hospital. A place where a minute chases a minute and an hour devours an hour. The emergency room is crowded, the corridors are crowded and the wards are full of patients who could deteriorate at any given moment. Some scars, some moments of upliftment, some hair-raising experiences , such as dramatic lifesaving, are expected during such a long day? And what awaits her at the end? The author describes the physical and mental difficulty of doctors in general, and of specialists in particular, who work in impossible conditions. No one knows what may happen in the next moment and only one thing is certain - Every shift has an end. Yael Dreznik is a specialist in pediatric surgery, married and the mother of two daughters. She started writing twenty-six during her residency in the general surgery department. This is her first book.

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