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You think you know your husband, then...
Ariel Price wakes up in Lisbon. Her new husband, businessman John Wright, is not with her. He didn't leave a note and he doesn't answer the phone. She is sure something bad has happened.
Ariel first turns to the workerSea at the hotel, then to the police, and finally to the United States Embassy in Portugal. Everyone confronts her with questions she can't fully answer: what exactly is John doing in Lisbon and what exactly is he up to? Why did he include her on this business trip and with whom exactly is he supposed to meet? Who wants to hurt him and why did he change his name? How is it that she only has one picture of him - and it's not very clear either - and why does she know so little about her husband, who is many years younger than her?
The authorities see Ariel as an emotional and hysterical woman who should not be taken seriously. And as her frustration and despair increase, Ariel realizes that there is only one person who can help her find her husband - and that's the person she least wants to turn to.
Every meeting in this supreme thriller, every investigation, every twist in the plot, every detail and every fragment of memory, are woven into a sophisticated mosaic like no other, the end of which continues to resonate long after all the ends are closed.
Thriller wizard Chris Pavone has written lively prose full of razor-sharp insights, and he provides his readers with another cunning, rhythmic and brilliant international thriller. His previous books Foreign Residents - winner of the 2012 Edgar Award for Best Debut Thriller - The Accident, The Passengers and A Conspiracy in Paris were bestsellers all over the world.

"Written by the hand of an artist, in a tight style, Two Nights in Lisbon is a fascinating thriller about a woman under indescribable pressure, and the places she is willing to go when everything is on the line. The best of Chris Pavone's books so far" (New York Times)

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