By Amit Hila (Author)

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The lives of Eliad, Ibrahim and Miriam are woven together by two powerful opposing forces - desire and prohibition. Eliad rolls from job to job, lacking the strength to persevere in even one; In his youth he rebelled against his parents, who were horrified by his sexual orientation and estranged from him, and this pain does not let him go even years later. Ibrahim, a son of a wealthy and pampering Arab family, left the lower city of Haifa to realize his musical talent and also his love for a Jew; His parents, with all their love for him, would not agree to such a thing. And Miriam, the social worker, had to hide her sexual orientation in Haifa, so that she could give birth and demonstrate there outwardly the semblance of a normal family. Over the years, a close bond was formed between these three, two men and a woman, and the boundaries of gender, religion and sector were breached - a bond that breaks conventions but only secretly, like in another city, hidden from view. You never know if one day it will be published, and if it will survive then or fall apart. Literary critic Nissim Calderon listed the collection of stories by Hila Amit in the ten best books of the previous decade, and here, in a brave novel, she directs a look at a complex reality and does not hesitate to reveal all its charges.

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