By Aharoni Sara (Author)

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Prof. Einstein, you are invited to step onto the stage that has been waiting for you for two thousand years. Albert Einstein is undoubtedly the most famous scientist in the world and one of the most special figures in human history. It can be said that there is no one who has not heard of him. It can equally be said that few are the people who really knew him; The moments of loneliness in childhood, the inability to understand the other's feelings, the crises, the hardships, the loves, and especially the failures and the successes. In every public figure, no matter how great, lies first of all a private figure, and in Einstein's case it is fascinating, unusual, enviable and sometimes even infuriating. Sarah Aharoni took on a bold and awe-inspiring task. For a long period of time she read almost every biography written about him, every collection of letters, every article and mention about him, and also studied quite a bit of physics. Then she sat down to write. The result is an exciting and fascinating historical novel, which, like her previous books, is written in colorful, poetic and loving language. "No matter how much you think you know Einstein, this book will refresh you, highlight forgotten dimensions and other layers in his so complex character, and most of all will not let you go until you reach the end." Amichai Shalov is the fifth novel of the acclaimed writer Sarah Aharoni, author of the bestseller "Persian Silence" (Yedyot Books, 2017); "The Love of Mrs. Rothschild" (Yedyot Books, 2015), winner of the Stimatsky Prize, which was translated into Spanish and English and was on the Amazon bestseller list for three years; and the debut book "Saltanat's Love" (Yodiot Books, 2008). It won three gold book awards and three platinum book awards from the Publishers Association.

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