By Abramovich Yuval (Author)

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On July 18, 2019, I lost my mother, Tamar Abramovich. She was 61 when she was discovered in her body of cancer. Ten months later, she broke up from the world, not before she was able to celebrate it and with it. During her life, Tamar was a daughter, sister, mother, kindergarten, personal assistant, grandmother, model and milestone for the many women who gathered around her. At her funeral I read the eulogy, with seven lessons I learned from. The eulogy rose to social networks, and within 24 hours it became viral and reached about half a million people. Inspired by this book, with 62 lessons I received and learned from my mother. As the human beings, my mother was not a perfect woman, but she died a whole woman. This book will pass on my mother's lesson. A legacy that was not always cohesive or unequivocal, but continues to become clear and sharpened even after its heart stopped beating. 'Until the Last Tear' is not a memorial or eulogy. It is a thought -provoking book about relationships, parenting, friendship, education, dream fulfillment, love, boundaries, life, death, loss, longing, increased, continuity and life. "Until the Last Tear" is a book that will make you reflect on lessons you have learned and that you still learn from your favorite people. 20 percent of the book's revenue will be transferred to the Dream Fund by Tamar Abramovich Yuval Abramovich, born in 1976, he is an international writer and lecturer and father of poetry and Naga. Among his previous books: the list, the idea, the opportunity, the gift year, Lady Lake, I have no but I have, the man who loved his phone too much, my story, the list of list books, the magic of the list, here Yael Weiss, Tel Aviv and more.

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