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Sometimes it's hard to notice how we get lost to ourselves in everyday life. Our world is full and overflowing with too many stimuli to count them - we feel almost obliged to achieve, experience, learn, watch. Our world is fast and ever changingTime and we, who change with it, may easily find its strength within it. Sometimes it seems that in order to survive in it we have to hold a superhuman amount of information in our heads, harden our hearts and ignore our feelings in order to be "at our peak" - whatever that means.

The world may change fast, but the human soul changes slowly. She still needs our attention, patience and slowness. She needs time for reflection, processing and inclusion, time we have difficulty giving her when we are flooded almost 24/7

with stimuli and tasks.

But but it is impossible to starve the soul for a long time without starting to feel unhappy, restless and unsatisfied.

Our soul needs ventilation from time to time, and Rabbi Yamima Avital understood this very well. Yamima's teachings lead and guide hundreds if not thousands of women.

Her words patiently slowly open the bonds that are formed inside the heart, wounding the capillaries of the soul and blocking our natural light and love. In one hundred and ten chapters, the book "Until Your Heart Plays" teaches the basics of Yamima Torah in a comprehensive and in-depth manner. It will give you basic tools to deal with the parts of life that we all feel insecure, hesitant or vulnerable in one of them: relationships, relationships with our parents and children, our careers, our bodies and more.

Accepting the weaknesses of the mind, according to Yamina, opens a new gate to our mental strengths, and this is the most important lesson one can learn.

Yamima's Torah teaches us not to be afraid of the depth of our emotional experience in the world, which also includes love, loneliness, pain, prayer, longing, fears and renewal.

It gives space to all parts of the soul, encourages us to separate from one another the thoughts that have accumulated together like a traffic jam, to obstinately observe the good and stick to it, and in the end allows us to give space to ourselves so that we can also be for others.

If your everyday life also makes you feel suffocated and want to disconnect from everything, "Until your heart plays" is the book that will give you air to breathe and restore joy and happiness to your life with words that come from the heart and enter the heart.

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