By Reicher-Zara Yiftach (Author)

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Ehud did not expect this phone. Years have passed since he retired from the Mossad, years that he is at home, remembering again and again the last operation that went wrong and the woman he loved and was unable to save. "We need you," the head of the Mossad tells him. "Only you can." Ehud agreed. Project Z is underway. The goal: the elimination of a chief scientist of a weapons of mass destruction program. But months pass, and the threat remains. Then an unthinkable idea arises, which provokes bitter debates and strong objections. "We have never done anything like this," says the head of the Mossad. But there are those who are willing to take it upon themselves. Yuval volunteers. Ehud approves. What goes through the mind of someone who sets out on a mission that has never been done before? How did he separate from his wife, his parents, his son? And what happens to the man who sends him to cross a red line that has not yet been crossed? A very useful death is a bold espionage book that deals with the heavy personal cost imposed on Mossad fighters, the limits of the organization's power and moral questions that fade in moments of truth. Yeftah Reicher-Atir draws in the book a series of fighters in the Sisyphean battle, who put their lives back together only to take them apart again. In restrained but visceral writing, he looks into the darkness and illuminates the darkest side of the shadow war. Yeftah Reicher-Atir served as commander of the special operations unit in the Intelligence Division. Reicher-Atir is the author of four other books, including the acclaimed bestseller The English Teacher. The book was approved by the censors and the ministerial committee for granting a permit for publications after long litigation with them and others.

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