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An excellent social game in which the players try to form words from all the letters A and B and according to task cards. A game to enrich the vocabulary, recognize words and letters and develop quickness of thought! The goal of the game is to form standard words in the Hebrew language from all the letters. Preparing the game: Each player receives a set of all the letters from A to Z (22 letters in total). The task. Now all the players play at the same time, trying to form standard words in Hebrew using all the letters they have, according to the instructions on the task card. Note: If a player in turn opens a personal task card - he decides on a task as he wishes. The first player who finishes announces I'm done, then all the players stop to compose words. The words of the player who finished first are checked, and if they are all correct - he wins the current mission card. If there are any words that are not correct, the player will return the mission card to the bank and in addition return to the bank one of the cards he won. The player who accumulated the most mission cards - wins the game .

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