WAIT / Wisława Szymborska

WAIT / Wisława Szymborska

By Wisława Szymborska (Author)

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Wisława Szymborska was born in 1923 in a nearby town for Pozen, Poland and from 1931, she lives in Krakow. In 1996, the Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded. Her poetry constitutes a reflection on the fate of the shaking man between the laws of biology and the upheaval of history. A concise, clear style, avoids emotional outbreaks and maintains observation of distance. In her view, she occupies a critical, skeptical, suspicion of absolute truths, a paradox and contradictory and lush irony, including self -irony. The existential and thoughtful questions it touches with in most grace, humor and wit and without losing empathy to "Whoever lives - that is, wrong." This selection includes songs from all periods of the poet's work, including new songs that have not yet been convened in the book. two.

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WAIT / Wisława Szymborska| Hebrew

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