By Xanakis Stephanos (Author)

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Every day is a gift. Open her. Don't throw it away. Life itself is a gift. Live them. Do not pass their faces. The gift is interpreted through a series of everyday stories, each focusing on a different lesson, benefits of generosity and laughter, and the importance of early morning spark. A series of wonders who are all in the reach of us all the ones that are often just passing by. When you read the stories one by one, slowly but sure, sink and delve into your inner world, weigh and examine decisions you made, come back and ponder your way of thinking, in your way of life. And you will not even forget that life itself is a gift. This book will make you savor the small moments of joy in life. beyond imagination. As if they were gold coins. For many years, Stapanos Kasanakis has been involved in things that attract his heart, self -improvement and personal development, and aspires to share as many people as possible through his books and lectures. He works vigorously to fulfill his big dream, a lesson on values ??and self -knowledge, 'Yes, I can', that he hopes that he will teach all schools in Greece from first grade. He is a proud father for two girls 9 and 12, Ionian and Evura.

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THE GIFT| Hebrew

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