By Nebo Eshkol (Author)

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Nimrod has something important to tell his mother, but she's in the middle of a phone call, so she asks him to keep his mind on his side until she can tell. Nimrod goes to his room, puts the thought in a shoe box and covers it with vine wool so that it will be comfortable. But now it becomes clear that the mind has its own desires. A Waiting Thought, his second story for the children of Eshkol Nevo, is a story about patience, about listening, and about the beautiful things and the expected pastimes that can be learned in time. Eshkol Nevo is one of the most beloved writers in the country. His books were translated into 12 languages ??and won praise and awards. David Hall also published his first book for children, Amalia's father travels to Australia. I have to do it. Yael Dar, the country

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