By Gonder Goshen Ayelet (Author)

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Dr. Eitan Green, a doctor in Soroka, hits an Eritrean refugee at the end of his shift - and continues to drive. From here on, Eitan's life becomes a dark and dangerous journey. Sirkit (30), a Sudanese refugee who witnessed the accident, blackmails Eitan - in exchange for her silence, Sirkit demands from Eitan Establish a black hospital, and provide care to refugees from Africa, who are afraid to come to the hospital for fear of deportation. With no choice, Eitan begins to zigzag between the sterile operating room in "Soruka" and a rusty table in an abandoned garage on the outskirts of Beer Sheva. He tries to break free from the circuit, but along the way he remembers why he wanted to be a doctor in the first place. The investigation of the hit-and-run accident falls on Liat, a senior police investigator - and Eitan's wife. Davidson, the employer of the worker who was run over to death, insists on getting answers. What appears from the outside as a burst of humanity on the part of the tough farmer, is nothing but simple greed: Davidson has long ceased to make a living from the restaurant at his gas station. The restaurant is a transit station for drug shipments from Egypt. The laborer who was run over to death was carrying a shipment worth hundreds of thousands of shekels, and this shipment disappeared. Alongside the extortion and power struggles, a poignant and tense social drama is woven. This is a story about intimacy in the heart of foreignness, a journey through the eroticism of contrasts. But in the end this is a story about one choice, one second, that makes a person open his eyes and ask: who am I really? Awake Aryot manages with the reader a seductive and deceptive relationship mask. Sometimes he makes us observe the weaknesses of the characters in a harsh ironic light, and sometimes he activates, with great power, our feelings of identification and compassion.

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