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A beautiful original novel, which earned Olga Tokarczuk, the bride of the Nobel Prize for Literature and the author of the bestseller "On the Bones of the Dead", the International Booker Prize for the year 2018. A

Polish writer who prevents a propeller from moving from place to place, takes us along with her on a journeyunforgetable. She unfolds memories from her life, takes us between wonder rooms, airports and hotel rooms, and shares hair-raising stories with us. We move between different eras, visit historical events (some are true and some are fiction), travel between life and death, continents and seas, sky and earth, and even dive into our own bodies. The same author-narrator unfolds before us, as in a collection of rare exhibits, a wonderful world - our world, and shows us its wonders through the strange, the unusual, the strange and the elusive, including a mysterious disappearance in the islands of Croatia; A Muscovite woman who suddenly leaves her home and family and becomes a nomad; The discovery of Achilles' tendon and the story of Ludwika, the devoted sister of the composer Frédéric Chopin.

"Wanderings" is a key work in Olga Tokarchuk's writings, which is incomparable. At the heart of the novel, in a wonderful translation by Miriam Bornstein, lies the spirit of curiosity and movement, which make the book a must-read for anyone who goes on a trip or travels on the road. "Wandering" is a reflection on journeys and their meaning, on constant movement and on our being travelers, nomads, moving bodies in the world. It is rich in charm and imagination, in humor and striking insights, and is an unforgettable reading experience.

where are you from where are you coming from now where are you driving to? These are the three questions Tokarchuk sets for the traveler, and accompany the reading. Similar to Tokarchuk's other books that have been translated into Hebrew - "The Books of Jacob" (Carmel Publishing) and "On the Bones of the Dead" (Hazut Beit Publishing) - "Wanderings" is a unique book that presents Tokarchuk's extraordinary ability to write on a subject every time different, in a different style and type, and to do it with tremendous talent, grace and in a way that breaks boundaries.

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