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That's exactly what they didn't want. to return to the hole where they grew up. To the small and warm settlement that has no shade. deal with what we will become of them. And what will we really become of them, after at least twenty years of not seeing each other? The stock count is not exciting: one is a single parent with a shirt soaked in milk, one is a childish actor in children's series who barely sees his own children, another is a divorcee who has nothing in the world that she is happy about, and another whose marriage has broken up, but at least he has a secret. What begins as an impromptu reunion of four former friends, soon turns into a dizzying show of secrets, accusations, at least one body and sex that would have been better off giving up. Welcome to your life is an extremely funny and even crueler novel that makes no concessions to anyone, because life doesn't make concessions either. And no one gets married at the end because come on, you still need a happy ending. Neta Hoter, 40, is a journalist, screenwriter and mother of a child. Her first book, Remind Me Who You Are, was a bestseller. Welcome to your life is her second book.

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