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I'm Evie Amelia West, the hottest name in Hollywood these years. Everything I touch turns to gold. The studios are after me, the producers are ready to fulfill my every demand, the most respected directors agree to work according to my busy schedule. And me? I don't want any of these. I want 'happily ever after'. Did you notice that I left out the 'in wealth'? I have too much of that. Hollywood can be brutal if you become easy prey, so a few ironclad rules help me protect myself. the problem? I don't believe that all of these will eventually bring with them 'happily ever after'. I'm Noa White and I've learned firsthand that success comes with a price tag. That's why I'm focused on my career, which is now at a point that will make me a huge star all over the world. I'm not willing to pay the price I paid anymore, so I leave my feet firmly planted at home in Australia, away from Hollywood. Everything is happening faster than I expected, last minute changes quickly launch me into being the hottest thing in Hollywood, and now my house is turning into a battlefield. And the price? Extremely heavy, until I consider giving up my dream and licking my wounds. What the Heart Wants by the best-selling author Sandra Hebe is a contemporary novel about true love, which was cut short by the environment that didn't give it a chance, and about her way of nursing the fragments. Additional books by the writer - the series Do that... Do that I remember, Do that I forget and Do that I forgive. The duet Until You Arrived and Before You Go and the books Faith and Jade. All the books reached the status of bestsellers and were very successful.

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