By Tamir Hauzner Rowe and Amos Hauzner (Author)

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The living room of our house had thick sliding doors. Through these doors the Holocaust penetrated my ears, my heart and my mind, and shaped my world. Here I am, a 14-year-old girl, and my brother Amos, only 11 years old, pass by the door as if by chance, and when no one notices, they cling to it, fascinated and horrified by what is being said across the partition. I want to run away but you stay. When Eichmann entered our home full of new insights and revelations from first hand about the day when Hausner learned of the historic role placed on his shoulders, about the sleepless night when he formulated his poignant opening speech entitled The Six Million Categories, about the meticulous preparations for the testimony of K. Tsatnik, about the correspondence during and after the trial with David Ben-Gurion, about the struggles regarding the death penalty, about the fateful moment when hate letters bearing swastikas were received at home and the only time during the entire trial that Gideon Hauzner protested with a tear in his eye. Adv. Tami Hauzner-Rowe, an expert in legal guidance and planning and construction, served as the Deputy Attorney General at the Ministry of Justice. She served as a director in leading companies in the economy and currently serves as the chairman of the board of news 12. Adv. As the attorney for the World Zionist Organization. He has several legal precedents as a leading international expert in the fight against the smoking phenomenon. Lectures on the Eichmann trial and the insights that emerge from it.

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