By Zamir Yitzhak (Author)

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Did Tom disappear without a kangaroo? A story for children and also for the parents of dear children, not long ago I wrote a book - "To release the kangaroo Tom" - about an adventure I had with a hidden kangaroo. During the adventure I learned to appreciate Kangaroo Tom and even to love her, but I was not enough to tell her this. If you have read the book I wrote, you know why: because she suddenly disappeared without leaving a trace. I missed her, but after a while I came to terms with the situation. But to my surprise, not a few readers of the book, who were also attached to Kangaroo Tom, did not accept the situation. They took care of kangaroo Tom and asked to know what happened to her and where she was found. In the end, my longings and the pleas of the readers got the better of me and I started looking for her. In a surprising way, the hide after kangaroo Tom entangled me in a new adventure, which led me to a secret place, and kept me busy for months. You must want to know what that secret place is and if I found Kangaroo Tom. I can't reveal it to you now, but you can read about it in the book. All that is left for me is to wish you (and in fact, myself too) that you enjoy the story. With love, Yitzhak Zamir Professor Yitzhak Zamir served as the legal advisor to the government and was a judge in the Supreme Court. This is his second book for children, after "Releasing Kangaroo Tom".

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