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Where is Mina is a brave and boundary-breaking novel about unconventional love and impossible revenge.
Michael Stern, a lecturer on culture and in the past a cowardly exterminator of the Mossad, revolts in the face of his mother's death and pains the madness of his father, who continues to search for his wife and mourns her over and over again. In his grief and anger, Michael turns his skills to a channel that is open to him and throws himself over the pages of the newspaper at those he perceives as guilty of forgetting and denying death - the agents of culture who seek to convince us that we can live forever. In his deadly articles, he tries to present religion and science, literature and art, old age and death, and even love and sex in their nakedness.

Groaning from the pains of age and struggling helplessly, he runs between his ex-lovers and his children who lose interest in him, before he finally sets out on a final mission of life and death - but this mission will endanger his only chance for happiness.

Mishka Ben David here offers a lament for the death of a mother that turns into a lament for the human condition. This is a novel rich in insights, which returns man to his natural dimensions, and challenges literary genres and conventions.

Where is Mina is a moving novel written with momentum, describing a one-of-a-kind love, a larger-than-life woman, uninhibited sex and all the stages and beats of an assassination operation - without reckoning with anyone, and especially not with its protagonist, who waits for his victim with a knife while wearing a diaper under his pants.
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