By Shiri Zuk (Author)

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Gigi, Diaetz and Joash are superheroes. I mean - Gigi, Dikh and Joash are three children, not the most acceptable (well, really unacceptable), who learn in seventh grade. Yoash has no self -confidence at all, Gigi has too much, and Detz still asks herself if she lives in a television series, and if this series is called 'Ditza'. One day, just like that, they get superpowers. Why? What to do with these forces? And how do you fight in those who want their powers to himself? Who wants superpower? He is a first book in a new series that is both more tense and more funny. Gigi is the most geek child in the world, but thinks he is the coolest, and that he really has a chance with Leia, so acceptable. When he discovers he can move from place to place only with a thought, he is not even slightly surprised. Well, maybe a little. Joash is really really smart. It turns out it's not easy to be the smartest child in the layer. At first it is unclear what Joash's superpower, but don't worry, it gets better ... Yes, this group also has two sons and one daughter. Why only one daughter? Because when this daughter is a duck, no longer needs! Because Dicke is both smart, mysterious and funny, but in such a cynical way, and insanely brave. Besides, it has one superpower in the right hand, and a completely different superpower in the left hand, and a small problem: it does not distinguish between the right side to the left. Cliff songs is a TV writer and screenwriter. Her superpower is sleeping in every situation, and she practices him in these moments. Meira Barnea-Goldberg is editor and writer. Her superpower is to guess what the next song will be on the radio (and sometimes she is also successful). An carriage ale is an illustrator and an illustrator. His superpower is to hold a huge number of objects in the most uncomfortable way.

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