By Dr. Roy Baumeister and John Tierney (Author)

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What is the biggest temptation you faced today? Our willpower faces unprecedented challenges and temptations in view of countless distractions around us. Many tasks we take on often end in failure - relationships, children growing, career building, diets and fitness routine, dealing with addictions. In order to succeed in all these, willpower is required, but in practice it is very difficult for us to maintain its most significant expression - self -control. The truth is simple, self -control is the most important cause of success and happiness in life - more important than money, mirror, socioeconomic backgrounds or intelligence! This is what the authors of this book, Dr. Roy Baumister, one of the world's most esteemed and influential psychologists, and the author of science books John Tirani. In Nationalister and Tirani show that the willpower is not a given character trait but a ability, which, like muscle, can be strengthened and improved by training. On the one hand, this can be within the "Hell Week" of the American Military Military Unit 'Sea Lions', but most of us will fit more small changes with far -reaching effects such as adhering to proper sitting in upright, maintaining an orderly external appearance, a public statement of a commitment not to eat Certain foods or avoid smoking. And as parents, make sure to praise only the achievements of children who require real effort and be consistent in the boundaries we set for. The willpower shares important lessons and teaches how to focus our energy, stand with temptations and re -retire our lives. He explains how to be realistic when setting goals and how to keep trust in ourselves when we shuffle there. This book is based on the latest and most important studies in psychology. He is packed with practical tips that illustrate why the 'willpower' is not only a metaphor but a real and powerful power, explaining the best ways of achieving it. The willpower teaches us a simple and important thing - we cannot reach our goals without learning first to achieve self -control. "Tirani and Leumister gave us a wonderful book in which they not only share fascinating research on self -control, but also provide simple tricks that will help us harness this important feature in our favor" - Dan Arieli, an irrational author and not coincidentally, in Hebrew by meter

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