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Appreciative women's wisdom constitutes a kind of "treasure box", which contains ancient female knowledge, which evokes the voices and stories of the women of the Bible to be a source of inspiration and enlightenment for us in the journey of life. An appropriate kit as a gift for every woman, invites every woman to an experience of pleasure, introspection and awareness and enables an experiential and meaningful connection to the ancient feminine power, to the roots, to the ancient feminine knowledge. The cards and the guided imagination in the set enable the creation of moments of magic and moments of experience also in women's circles, at happy events and in women's groups. Kita invites every woman to moments of introspection and discovery of new faces and additional strengths inherent in her as a woman. According to Judith Jungman Saadon, an expert educational psychologist, "The cards and the guided imagination enable a meeting between the personal unconscious and the cultural-collective conscious, a meeting that opens up a space for new ways of coping to be revealed in our lives, ways of coping that are based on the wisdom and strength of the ancient women in our cultural heritage - and from this there is Its value has great meaning and power, and thus also lies in its uniqueness. The type of cards - cards of women's wisdom - represent a leap forward in the developing language of using cards as tools of awareness, which is now also recognized in academic settings. Evaluation enables recognition and direct connection to the ancient biblical knowledge, which lies in the world of our soul , in a way that allows the ancient wisdom to become a part of our lives and ways of coping." The Steamtsky chain is launching a new, elegant and impressive set - Women's wisdom cards - the journey of the soul inspired by ancient women. Women's wisdom cards evoke the stories and voices of biblical women to be a source of inspiration and enlightenment for every woman and invite every woman wherever she is to an experience of pleasure, introspection and awareness. In 101 cards of women's wisdom unfold before you messages arising from the stories of 32 biblical women. The messages are presented in words, colors and symbols. In the booklet attached to the box, the biblical story of each character is given as well as instructions for a journey in the imagination and for the enrichment and deepening of the experience. Women's wisdom cards are a wonderful gift that awakens the ancient healing powers within every woman, for her or as an exciting and powerful gift for the women close to her heart, as well as a therapeutic and unique tool for self-work and working with women in training processes, therapeutic processes and therapeutic groups. Judith Jungman Saadon is an educational psychologist (MA) with many years of professional experience in diagnostic and evaluation processes. She has knowledge and experience in therapeutic processes, in women's circles and in leading groups. Married and mother of 3, she combines art, studies of Judaism and spirit, movement and dance in her life. The illustrator Rinat Yanai is an art therapist, a Jungian artist, a group facilitator and a graduate of Jewish Studies (MA)

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