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Touching words by Sherry J. Ryan Touching words that bring reality and fiction together and blur the boundaries with the power of forbidden love. Emma - Present My grandmother hid her past in an old diary under her bed. The tattered brown leather bound book sat there for years and years until she asked me to find it and read her unspoken words to her. Now, her stories and secrets are gnawing away at every moment of my life. She's dying... and asks to see a man no one in our family has ever heard of. I never imagined that a handwritten book could change my whole life, but it did. He opened my eyes to a new beginning, and I learned that love is not the unspoken word that my grandmother refused to utter. Love is an act - it is longevity, taboo and sometimes a severe prohibition. Do we fight for what is evil or do we spend our lives searching for the good? The last words were never spoken, because love never stops as long as the heart beats. Amelia - 1942 The closet in which I was hidden held the last drop of freedom before I was torn from my home and forced into a dark train. Our destination was even darker. "Women and children to the right. Men to the left," they shouted at us. Everything was taken from me, I was left with only the air shrouded in smoke, the piercing screams and the cries of the brokenness. I was starved and gradually weakened until I was skin and bones, but there was a man - a Nazi - who provided me with additional food. He said he was a prisoner too, but he scared me, and I wondered if he was the most threatening enemy. Touching Words by Sherry J. Ryan is a contemporary novel that combines past, present, and great hope for a better future. The book garnered much praise around the world and was a great success.

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