By Stern Yair (Author)

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The son of a terrorist, reading accompanied Yair Stern during his childhood. His father, Avraham "Yair" Stern - the fighter and leader of Lehi - was murdered by the British before he was born. Stern grew up in the shadow of the underground, in the days of exclusion and hostility towards his father's legacy, when the entire establishment wanted to protest any trace of him. Heel side thumb Stern integrated into the press and the world The media, moved from reports from football games to editorial positions, embarked on a mythological mission in Washington and even reached the management of Israeli television, for the multitude of hair-raising stories it produced. He witnessed its growth until her death and then continued with a fascinating activity, which he describes in his book. On the 80th anniversary of his father's murder, when he serves The chairman of the association for the heritage of Lehi and its martyrs, Yair ben "Yair" embarks on a journey following his family story, which is woven into the story of the state and the story of the Israeli media. In fluid language, full of humor, he goes through the stages of his life, until the circle is closed and his father's legacy is recognized as part of a legacy The struggle for the establishment of the State of Israel. Yair Stern, born to his mother Roni in Ramat Gan, in July 1942, five months after his father's murder. Married to Desi, father of four children and grandfather of seven grandchildren. Lives in Jerusalem. This is his first book.

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