By Rabbi Adin Ibn Israel Steinzaltz (Author)

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The word "year" in itself is ambiguous, and it includes two meanings, which are almost contradictory to each other. On the one hand, the meaning of a year is the thing that comes back, that changes time after time - after all, it is a cycle of time that is mainly, apparently to the eye, a regular cycle: day and night, summer and winter, which repeat themselves every year. On the other hand, the year also means change, when days and months grow new beings, new experiences - changes in relation to the time that was. Even the life of the Jewish year is ambiguous: the holidays come again and again every year, and we receive them again and again as old acquaintances, but at the same time we want to live them every time anew, to feel what is special about them in a way that is special to us every time they pass through us. During many years of understanding and internalization, of observing people and the changing times, articles and talks were written and spoken by Rabbi Adin Ibn Israel (Steinsaltz), about the days of the Jewish year, the holidays and the special days in general and in particular. These articles, which have now been grouped together to form a whole "year", succeed in reviving the entire year, in what was in those days, and in what is at this time.

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