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children, do you want? Her eyes pierce me through thick glasses. I'm getting confused. "Uh...yeah, I think so." "Think?!" repeats after the gynecologist in a hoarse voice. I'm embarrassed, I don't understand where she's going. Three short, direct sentences, leaving no room for doubt: "You don't have time. You need to have children now. It might already be too late." I leave the clinic, everything inside me recedes and is emptied. My ears are ringing: 'You don't have time, it might be too late.' Just when I thought my life was settling down, settling into its right place, just now - the journey is just beginning. It's a story about human longing that meets a scientific miracle: in vitro fertilization, or as it's known - in vitro fertilization. This technological magic gave millions of women in the world the opportunity to overcome what until then seemed like fate and embrace the one dearest to them - a son, a daughter; Boy. Israel is a powerhouse of fertility treatments; About one hundred thousand test-tube children were born here over the years - a rate almost double the average in Europe. On the side of the road there were many women who went through this process; women who were not always told the whole truth; Women who were only in the middle of the treatments were exposed for the first time to critical information that could have changed their lives. This book is their story. Sarit Magen is one of these women, and she realized that even the sweet end of her private journey following motherhood must not forget the costs of the road. Magen, a journalist specializing in the field of health, was a partner in some of the most important revelations in the field. She devoted the last few years to this project; A dive into the bowels of the IVF industry in Israel to reveal its great secrets. This story is told on both sides of the curtain: from the women's mouths and from the treating doctors' mouths. And the image that emerges from it - intriguing, bold, kicking - is a necessary side for every woman who follows the big dream, the dream of her own child.

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